Torre Saracena dive site

The dive site is located close to another of submerged archaeological sites occupied by the remains of a residential villa, which probably belonged to Horace.
This huge tower, called “Saracen tower” probably is the basis of a Roman lighthouse, known as Lighthouse Miseno. That became submerged slipping and then falling on its east side because of the bradyseism phenomena affecting the coast flegrea.
The tower, about 14 meters, on a fund that ranges from 19 to 27 meters, is made in opus pilarum, and it shows reticulate and brick. It is assumed that even probably the part below the sand is covered with opus reticulatum. The tower is the largest building of its kind in the Gulf. At the base, the west side, a crib (marble work of a local artist) is placed on a corner of the tower, located at a depth of about 20 meters. On the south/east side  lies a wreck of a boat in fiberglass inhabited often by some of seabed cerniole (Eph. Americanus) Gronchi and moray eels. Moreover since March, many small lobsters with their antennas emerge from the recesses of tower.

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