Dragonara’s cistern and fishpond dive

The site is located on Miseno coast, a charming seaside resort of the municipality of Bacoli, not far away from Pozzuoli.
On the promontory the Roman general Lucullus had built a residential complex consisting of several elements arranged on different levels down to the sea.
The current “Cave of the Dragonara” completely dug out of tufa, it was built in the Augustan age to serve military fleets or possibly the nearby Gardens of Lucullus.
Later it was in fact annexed to it, and with fish ponds and Niphaeum.
The cistern is made up of large tanks covered with earthenware which allowed the purification of rainwater. The site is characterized by a series of rooms, now half-submerged between the beach and the ridge, which are easy to visit and full of light, even in apnea.

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